About Page Ideas For The Bashful Business Owner

about page ideas for your website

It surprises people when I say…

Many small business owners and founders like to keep a low profile.

That is counterintuitive, but it does explain why About Pages are often overlooked or neglected.

I mean, most entrepreneurs and business people like to show off and that is usually the case.

But a lot like to make a clear distinction between their product/service and their personal life.

Especially in this age of Social Media!

Not everyone wants to be a Richard Branson or dare I say it, a Donald Trump!

You value your privacy and I get that.

But don’t let being bashful hold you back.

You can have a great About Page without showing off!

The ABOUT page is one of the most important pages on your website. It is a page I always check before making a major purchase.

About Page Ideas For The Bashful Business Owner

The About Page establishes who you are and what you’re about.

It gives your website visitors and potential customers a glimpse into what working with you and your business will be like. You can include personal interests, stories, and photos that convey the unique story of your business.

Key points to focus on when creating an About page:

  • Have a catchy headline that explains your USP!
  • Present a mission statement. (and/or publish a Customer Charter)
  • Outline your company story. (include some background on the founders, as much or as little as you feel comfortable with)
  • A clear description of how your company benefits its customers. What makes your brand different?
  • State the ‘aha!’ moment which inspired the founders to create the business? (Introduce the problem that caused you to act.)
  • Explain who you serve. (who are your customers?)
  • Demonstrate how you’ve provided solutions for your customers.
  • Direct the customer towards the next action. (request further information, get a quote)

For Example:

We Serve Home Owners Who Value Quality Products And a High Level Of Customer Service.


The best salespeople use stories to make sales.

And the About Us page is an under-used storytelling tool that will help you make more sales.

In the case of a salesperson, they can add to the story by explaining how they got involved with the company.

What made them want to work for ACME INC, rather than someone else?

People value a product with a story more than a product without one because a story highlights why a product is unique.

Make more sales by telling a story of a customer who bought your product – and their journey to buying and their experience once they bought

Worth reading: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/297320

Customer Charter

A great addition to any About Page is the Customer Charter (aka Customer Service Charter)

A customer charter will help you improve your customer experience and thus profits/revenue across your business.

The set of written promises outlines the standards that you intend to uphold whenever and wherever you deal with customers.

A good general theme for any Customer Charter is…

We treat our customers as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

It is a statement of values.

Values drive all of us in life.

Good business values include:

  • Doing what we said we would and have promised.
  • Fairness always in how we treat our customers, suppliers, and each other.
  • Taking FULL responsibility for our actions.
  • Seeking to better understand any situation before passing judgement.
  • Learning from our mistakes and striving to always do better next time.
  • Constant personal and professional development

Or another way to put it is:

about page customer charter

Looking for more Customer Charter and About Page Ideas?

Search Customer Charter images on Google, and you will find plenty of examples.

Like this one from EasyJet.

customer charter

More Ideas For Your About Page:

1. Keep your About Page updated

2. Share what’s happening behind the scenes

3. Proofread, print, and read aloud.

4. Use humor rather than trying to be funny.

5. Don’t ramble.

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