Why Ethical Salespeople Make The Best Sales Closers

Ethical salespeople are trustworthy, provide product accurate information, and show honest concern for their customers’ needs. A “sell-at-all-costs” approach is not for them.   Why Ethical salespeople Make Top Sales Closers As an ethical salesperson and top sales closer, I help people make decisions that are good for them. I rarely refer to myself as […]


5 Non Copywriting Books Every Copywriter Should Own – Best Copywriting Books

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In this post, copywriting partner Clive Cable and I make some surprising book recommendations – for would be copywriters. Most copywriting coaches will tell you invest in the best copywriting books. That you should read the classics on copywriting… Books like “How to write a good advertisement” by Victor Schwab. Or “Breakthrough Advertising” by Eugene […]


The Ultimate Get-Started Copywriting Course

free copywriting course from IncomeDiary

My good friend Clive Cable and I have released something special at IncomeDiary.com The Ultimate Get-Started Copywriting Course Copywriting – or “salesmanship in print” has always fascinated me. It takes a finely tuned sales brain to write great sales copy. Without that sales edge – the odds are stacked against you. Frankly, you could lose […]


Authority Website Creation, From Idea To Execution

The Authority Website Launch Process, What You Need To Know My first Authority Website launched in March 2000. I did not know it was an authority website. We called them Portals. The term “authority website” was not widely used yet. That first authority site was in the home improvements niche. Recently, with a bit more […]