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Introduction time…

In 1982 I started selling Double Glazing in the UK.

Commission only!

(Think movies like “Tin Men” or “Glengarry Glen Ross”)

Some would describe it as a hard sell.

It wasn’t.

The sales closers I worked with had a way of making people like them.

They didn’t need to close hard.

They sincerely believed in their product (almost evangelical).

I discovered early on, that was key to selling anything.

I learned my “trade” from them

I did well – the highest paid double glazing salesman in 1984. (six figure income).

I was going to be a millionaire by the age of 30.

I wasn’t! (another story, another day)

Barry Dunlop Copywriter For Hire

The above pic is from circa 1984 – picking up another award as top salesman.

(A trip to the Italian F1 Race in Monza on the Orient Express)

Sales and entrepreneurship has been my life since 1982.

I have enjoyed a good standard of living, even in the rare bad times.

In 1998 I launched the UK’s first online lead generation business for home improvement companies. A business I SOLD in 2006.

I was a SEO content writer before content writing was a thing!

Since then I have worked a little – content writing, copywriting, consulting and “salesman for hire” gigs.

And I have ticked a few things on my bucket list!

(Pic below is from Necker Island)

copywriting coach, copywriter for hire

Sales copywriting is the perfect sales job.

It’s “salesmanship in print”.

There is a satisfaction in “writing well” that is somewhat like “selling well”.

Do you need a copywriter?

If you need…

  • Existing copy reviewed
  • New website copy (Specialist SEO Copywriter)
  • New brochure written
  • Direct mailing pieces
  • Email copy reviewed

I’m your man.

Specializing in Home Improvements, Direct Sales, Software As A Service Organizations (SaaS) and Online Businesses.

Contact me below: or call +44 7595 224022 (WhatsApp)

Initial discussions free and in confidence.

PS: One of my favorite sales techniques is “The Columbo Close” or “Columbo closing technique”

Copywriter for hire. The PS and Columbo Sales Close

For those of you old enough to remember the TV program – Lieutenant Columbo would disarm the suspect by appearing to leave and then turn around to ask “just one more thing”.

This “one more thing” would often be the one thing that incriminated the suspect.

(People relax, let their guard down when they think they are off the hook. This is a good way to discover a prospect’s real objection)

Every-time I see a PS in an email – I think “Columbo and one more thing”

PPS: I write about copywriting at – check out this Free Get-Started Copywriting Course.